What Can I Do if My Bill is Unusually High?

Generally, water consumption is higher during the summer due to watering of lawns, pools, and gardening. Typically, an average family of four uses 4000-5000 gallons of water a month

Whenever you receive a bill that you feel is too high after doing DIY repairs and you are unsure of the source don’t hesitate to call us and we will find it for you. We can help to pinpoint the source of the high bill. Leak Plus has the capability to detect a possible leak.

Leak Plus modern technologies allow us to pinpoint leaks without the hassle and expense of digging up your property. Using advanced leak detection technology, we’ll find the leak without doing any damage to your property. Our methods are non-invasive and non-destructive, which means that we won’t leave a mess behind. We’ll find the leak, fix it, and then leave your property in the condition it was in before we came.

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