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Getting an Underground Leak requires a very strict process in team hiring and investing in different types of non- invasive instruments . Please Meet the best of the best.

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Pipeline leaks on commercial properties can result in high value damage to assets and high utility bills. Depending on the utility practices, the owner of the property may be responsible for all pipelines on their side of the meter. If these leaks don’t surface they can be hard to pinpoint and you have to pay for all or partial amounts of the bill. Leak Plus is able to identify and prioritize problem areas in your infrastructure using a leak detection system that applies cutting edge technology coupled with traditional techniques to assess all pipelines regardless of size or material. Leak Plus can help you meet your sustainability and efficiency needs.

Pipelines are getting closer every day to the end of their design life. Typically, entire pipeline systems do not fail all at once even when stretched beyond the design life. More commonly, sections of pipe or maybe even single points will break resulting in costly repairs. Budgets are not large enough to replace entire systems so it is essential to perform proactive leak detection investigations on a regular basis to find leaks before they become emergency situations. Leak Plus  combines modern technology with traditional leak detection methods for a trusted approach that provides flexibility and adaptability to the challenges of leak detection in different municipal, commercial and industrial environments. Our service offerings can help eliminate emergency repair costs to maintain planned budgets for a no surprise asset management approach.

A leak came out of nowhere in the middle of the night? Never worry help Leak Plus is now one call away. Our highly-trained service professionals have years of training and experience to handle everything from cracked pipes to water intrusion. So, whether you own an apartment building, run a government office, have a storefront, or more, we can help!


The obvious sign of a Gas Leak problem is the smell of gas a home or usually caused by appliances, incorrectly fitted and poorly maintained. 


It’s non-destructive. We use advanced technique and equipment to detect the leaks; we’ll find the leak without doing any damage to your property.


Assessing your Swimming pool to know weather it is a membrane issue or Piping issue with the most innovative techniques to exactly locate the problem. 

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Leak Plus can identify and prioritize problem areas in your infrastructure using a leak detection system that applies cutting edge technology coupled with traditional techniques.

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