Smoke Testing is an easy easy way to quickly identify leaks permitting storm/surface water
intrusion. Smoke Test for leak is very simple Procedure consists of blowing large volumes of air and smoke through sewer lines. The smoke follows the path of the intruding water in a reverse to the surface pattern, revealing the source of the problem within seconds.

Smoke Travels the path of least resistance, quickly identifying sources of inflow. Smoke can be induced through any clean-out opening in the system. Vents should be only partially blocked to allow the air/smoke mixture to flow throughout the system.

Smoke testing is an excellent technique for locating leaks and sources of odors in house lines and septic systems.

Identifies Illegally connected roof & cellar drains.

Cross connected storm and sanitary sewers.

Leaking manholes.

Yard and foundation drains.

All connected lines (including abandoned, and supposedly unconnected lines.

How It Works ?

Before conducting any smoke test, proper advance notice is the responsibility of the agency or contractor performing the test. Advance notice program should include…

-Press releases to the local news media which detail the areas to be tested, as well as the benefits to be derived from the smoke test.

-Notification of local police and fire departments. Personnel handling phone inquiries should be acquainted with the purposes of the program, and be prepared to advise against the unnecessary exposure to the smoke.

-Door to door inquiries are recommended within 24 hours of the test. This prevents unethical occupants from covering up illegal drains, sump pumps, etc. While giving advance notice discrete neighborhood inquiries can identify persons suffering from heart and/or lung ailments who should never be exposed to any type of smoke.


Both Classic Smoke candles and smoke fluids can be used safely as directed, and are acceptable products for smoke testing. Before using any product read and understand the MSDS. However, Nothing is 100% Safe.

Dependable Blowers

The smoke circulation in the pipe system can be controlled using blower. The pumping rate can be increased or decreased as per the blower rating.

which pipeline systems is it applicable?

Smoke Leak Tester can be used in mainly in locating the leaks of drain pipes which are underground. It can also be used in pipelines in drains of toilets in villas and apartments.

Pipelines up to what depth can it locate?

Smoke tests are effective regardless of surface, type of soil, or depth, providing openings exist for the smoke to follow. It is not uncommon to see smoke exiting from cracks in paved surfaces.

What will be the accuracy of locating the leak?

Usually with the Smoke Leak Tester the accuracy of pinpointing the leak is up to 1 meter. 


Upon the instruction of the Inspector on site the client may have to shut down the pipeline and isolate the section to be tested to maintain certain Inspection conditions.