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Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Leak Measurement Test is one of the very effective tests used to identify compressed air leaks, failed or failing steam traps, and process gas leaks with precise location and quantifiable numbers. This method is commonly applied to a wide range of structures and components. Ultrasonic Leak Testing is one of the rare techniques available to quantify the leak like the Optical Gas Imaging Thermal Cameras. This technique id also used in finding refrigerant leak detection.

An Effective and Efficient Way to measure Ultrasonic:

An effective scanner

Identifies failed steam traps

identifies system leaks and process cooling leaks

How It Works ?

The efficient way to detect areas where compressed air or
process gas is present in pipe or ducts which is under some pressure and having some leaks. The area is scanned for the high frequency sound from the leaking gas/compressed air. The device set up to absorb only the high frequency waves will eliminate other noise in the background. Hence the target noise or the leak is absorbed and recorded. Even the quantification of the leak can be done by this Technique like the Optical Gas Imaging Thermal Cameras.

The variety of devices applying the similar theory of working with the extensive range of accessories available enable this range of devices to be used for a multitude of various applications. With the help of the ultrasound testing devices, it becomes easy to pinpoint leaks.


uses the ultrasonic sound of leak

The ultrasonic sound of a leak, when detected by the instrument, is translated to a lower frequency range where the user can hear and interpret the sounds through a headset.  The sound of a leak deep within a coil, and far out of sight, can be detected with an ultrasonic instrument, although the closer you place the sensor to the source of the sound, the better chance you will have of detecting it

Quantitative analysis of the leak

the Ultrasonic Leak Testing device is one of the unique test like the Optical Gas Imaging Thermal Cameras which are able to quantify the gas leak.

can it assess the leak size along with the leak rate?

A basic understanding of the leak size can be derived from the test results. However, the actual size would depend on the shape tat the leak is formed, the pressure in the system and the direction of the leak etc.

efficient technology to analyse refrigerant leaks

Refrigerant leaks are a headache!  It’s just a fact of life.  We have all spent long frustrating hours searching for leaks.  Now pain relief is available, thanks to this new technology that can find leaks more quickly.

wide variety of LEAK detectors

A wide range of instruments with a variety of accessories are available. This makes the technology applicable to specific individual premises and issues.